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All is Possible

Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center
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Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Recorded by Leann Moore

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All is Possible

When We have a Goal to Achieve ...

When we have a goal to achieve, there are two ways of viewing it. One is that it is “possible,” the other that it is “impossible.” Without resolve and strength, anything that is possible will become impossible. However, for someone with courage, wisdom, and a vision, all that seems impossible can become possible. There are many things in the world that will definitely fail, if they are handled by people with the “impossible” view. On the other hand, if these matters are dealt with by those who persevere in their pursuit, the goals can surely be reached.

People dreamed of flying like birds in the sky, and now that airplanes have been invented, they can actually be airborne now. People wished to swim in the deep oceans like fish, so they invented the submarine to explore the deep sea. People are willing to mine coal and other mineral ores buried thousands of feet in the earth. They are capable of climbing to the summit of mountains more than ten thousand feet high. Moreover, astronauts have landed on the moon. What other mysteries are there in outer space, waiting to be deciphered in the future?

Many patients diagnosed by their doctors with terminal cancer battle their disease with an uplifting spirit and the determination to live. As a result of their “possible” view, they can regain good health. Nobel Prize laureate Gao Xing Jian was a cancer patient. He decided to travel the world after learning of his illness and wrote a book that won him lifelong acclaim. In the final days of the Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang was only serving as a minor local officer. He would never have dreamed of being emperor. However, in the end he actually founded the Han Dynasty. Likewise, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuan Zhang, was previously merely a novice monk at a Buddhist temple.

It was recorded in the Buddhist sutra that a poor beggar girl caught the eye of a king during his hunting trip. He brought her back to his palace and made her his queen. She had indeed transformed from a crow into a phoenix in an instant. A poor oil vendor in ancient China unintentionally caught the ball of rolled silk thrown by a noble beauty in her effort to find a spouse, and he became wealthy overnight. So there is nothing in the world that is really impossible. When the causes and conditions are right, anything is possible!

Plants need soil to grow, but with hydroponics vegetables can develop green shoots and leaves just as well. Nowadays, the sea can be transformed into land, and fields can become part of the ocean. What is impossible in the world? Scientists are doing so much research in laboratories because nothing seems impossible to them. In the life of explorers, accomplishing any mission is also possible.

J.K. Rowling was on welfare, struggling to survive from day to day. Since she published the Harry Potter books, she has now become a multi-billionaire. Milton was blind from a young age, but after his tireless struggle, he became a great poet.

As long as we have perseverance, vision, confidence, and wisdom, nothing is impossible. So let’s all work hard together!

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Recorded by Leann Moore         0:13

A gentle voice is more touching
     than a splendid song;
a cynical tone is a sharp arrow
     that hurts others as well as self.

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Venerable Master Hsing Yun grants voices to the objects of daily monastic life to tell their stories in this collection of first-person narratives.

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The Medicine Buddha SutraMedicine Buddha, the Buddha of healing in Chinese Buddhism, is believed to cure all suffering (both physical and mental) of sentient beings. The Medicine Buddha Sutra is commonly chanted and recited in Buddhist monasteries, and the Medicine Buddha’s twelve great vows are widely praised.


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