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365 Days For Travelers
Wisdom from Chinese Literary and Buddhist Classics

365 Days for Travelers


English translation: Zhi Yue

1. You have virtue: You are true to others, treating them with kindness and honesty. You are good-natured, upright, trustworthy, polite and loving. When others interact with you, they feel your warmth and are at ease.

2. You are useful: You are of practical value to others.

3. You have substance: Being with you is an eye-opening experience that allows thinking outside the box. You do not feel compelled to broadcast your knowledge, nor believe everything you see or hear.

4. You have capacity: You listen attentively to others’ ideas and are able to voice valuable opinions.

5. You have magnanimity: You fully recognize the value of others, and appreciate their uniqueness.

6. You are interesting: You bring cheer to others. It’s not stuffy being with you.

7. You have sincerity: You understand how to make friends sincerely, thus having connections that are naturally respectable. Furthermore, you exude boundless positivity. There is no need to say everything you know. Do not believe everything you see. Digest everything you hear. Process your every encounter on the spot. Sift and filter through sediment; over time, your energies and capabilities will be strengthened and can give rise to great things.

Even if you win a dispute with the customer,
your customer will walk away.
Even if you win a dispute with your colleagues,
your team will be scattered.
Even if you win a dispute with your boss,

your opportunities will be suspended.
Even if you win a dispute with your family,
your familial bond will cease.
Even if you win a dispute with your friends,
your friends will become fewer.
Even if you win a dispute with your lover,
your relationship will be weakened.

No matter whom you dispute with, winning the fight always results in a loss. It is better to compete to better oneself instead; whoever can strengthen themselves the most is the real winner.

Tea is fragrant because boiling water releases its aroma. Similarly, the fragrance of life is released through encountering setbacks and disappointments. Peace is the result of cultivation, and is the art of life.


English translation: Miao Guang

Do not sleep on stone during summer or wood during autumn. Do not expose your navel during spring or cover your head in your sleep during winter.

Increased exercise during the day will lead to lessened dreaming at night. Washing your feet before bedtime works better than taking tonic medicines.

Keep the window open at bedtime, and a good night’s sleep will follow. Call it a miracle if sickness does not come after sleeping without covers.

Early to bed, and early to rise, you will feel clear and full of delight. Greed for sleep causes illness and a shortened lifespan.

Grinding your teeth in your sleep means there are worms in your digestive system.

Rather than eating a whole pig per day, you may as well be snoring in bed. Rather than eating a whole lamb every three days, you may as well be washing your feet before bed.

Not choosing the right pillow, the more you sleep the more fatigue you feel. First rest the mind, then the body. After sleeping, you will become a beauty.

Keep warm by sleeping with your head in the path of a draught, or get sick with your feet there instead.

Do not sleep in the alley, because that is where the most harmful draughts come from. Sleeping without lights will make sure that you do not wake up with dizziness.

If you wish to have a good relaxed sleep, make sure you do not sleep with your feet pointing to the west and your head to the east.

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Learning to “pick it up” and “let it go” can enlarge the breadth of your mind; being able to see far and do what’s right can improve your life.

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Venerable Master Hsing Yun grants voices to the objects of daily monastic life to tell their stories in this collection of first-person narratives.

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The Medicine Buddha SutraMedicine Buddha, the Buddha of healing in Chinese Buddhism, is believed to cure all suffering (both physical and mental) of sentient beings. The Medicine Buddha Sutra is commonly chanted and recited in Buddhist monasteries, and the Medicine Buddha’s twelve great vows are widely praised.


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